The photos you must have taken on your wedding day

June 6, 2019

The photos you must have taken on your wedding day  

It’s entirely true what they say; your wedding day will come and go in the blink of an eye. Sometimes years of planning seems to last a second.  

It’s such a special day, and one of the best ways to remember it is by capturing moments with photographs. Now, you’ll already know the classic wedding photos; the couple kissing, the family shot…you know the drill. However, what about more obscure photo ideas, the ones that capture the often-forgotten details of the day?  

Here are the photo ideas that you might want to steal for your wedding day. You’ll look back on these with delight.  

1. The details  

You spent so long picking out the invitations, the shoes, and the bouquet, make sure to capture some photos of them.  

Looking back on these, you’ll not only remember your hard work, but the memories of holding/wearing/sending out these fantastic little pieces will come flooding back.  

We’d say that the details really do make a wedding as unique as it is. Of course, you can keep these little bits and bobs but pictures of them on the big day is a special touch. Make sure to capture them to treasure forever.  

2. The first look 

You’ve heard of the first kiss photo, but what about the first look photo? That moment when the couple ready to wed gets a glimpse of themselves for the first time is truly special.  

Yes, these might showcase a few tears, but they’ll capture in time a feeling so profound – one of love and admiration for each other.  

This might require a couple of photos being taken at the same time because of course there are two people to capture.  

3. Decorations and centerpieces  

Again, you can save the décor from the day, but it just isn’t the same. There’s very little more magical than seeing your venue with all your decoration pieces finally colliding together.  

The visions that you have built up for all this time manifested into one of the most beautiful rooms that exhumes your character and your love for one another.  

Make sure to get pictures of your venue, all the little bits of décor, the centerpieces…everything.  

4. The first dance  

Ah, the traditional first dance. Where the just married couple takes to the dance floor and starts their life together, as a unit. This is an extraordinary moment and warrants beautiful photographs to be taken.  

You might also want to take photos of first dances for other people. For example, the bridesmaids first dance, first dance with mum/dad, first dance with the guests. These are all fun moments that you’ll want to treasure.  

5. Party memories  

After the traditional wedding part is over and done with, many forget to take photographs. However, what comes after are some of the most fun and authentic pieces of your day. 

Get some photos of you and your guests dancing, drinking, laughing and eating. Putting a smile on your face will be guaranteed.  

Are there are wedding pictures that you had taken/wish you’d had taken? 

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