How to make an unforgettable reception entrance

March 27, 2019

You have just married the love of your life, strolling into your wedding reception seems dull and boring. The entrance into your wedding reception is a big deal as it’s your official entrance as husband and wife. Believe me this is going to be the only time in your life when your entrance in a room will cause such excitement and anticipation so plan your entrance carefully.

Your entrance can end up giving you beautiful and memorable photographs. There are many creative ways to enter in fashion. Let’s walk through a few of them..


If you want your entrance to be a sure shot spectacle, consider an eyeful drop. Festive items add fun and colour to the event.  You can go for rose petals if you want to keep it subtle and romantic, Confetti screams fun and looks jovial or balloons. You can drop the balloons from the celling as soon as you enter and your guests will be clicking away.


Yes you can always go for something magical. A fairy light arched tunnel looks breathtaking. So when you’re about to make an entrance, turn off all the other lights and illuminate the tunnel. The tunnel will become the focal point and it will surely make your entrance special.


You can get creative by setting up a projection screen so that your guests will only be able to see you and your partner’s outlines at first. It’s going to look magnificent and your guests will be awe struck. You can make it more dramatic by slow dancing behind the screen right before your entrance.

There will be thousands of memorable moments from your reception but please don’t take the power of your entrance lightly. Our advice is to plan it carefully with your spouse and do keep your photographer in the loop.


This is going to add some fun to your event. You can choose an upbeat song and dance your way in. Your dance can be choreographed or spontaneous. If you feel shy then you can plan a flash mob as that way other people will be dancing with you, making you more comfortable.


Depending on the venue, you can choose an interesting mode of transport. If the event is outdoors you can arrive by a carriage or horseback. If your venue is the beach then you can be on a boat. Other options include a vintage or a luxury car, elephant ride or a scooter.


If your reception is taking place at night then you can add the x factor by playing with lights and making your entrance absolutely mesmerizing. One can add sparklers throughout the trail as they look stunning in reality and in photographs. Paper lanterns can be a great choice too. They can be hung or released as soon as you make an entrance. Beautiful designs are available in the market.


If you’re low on budget, you can still have a touching entrance by music. All you need to do is have your DJ/band play a song which is significant to your relationship, and simply walk hand in hand with your spouse. Everyone will be in awe of this moment.


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